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Your Neighborhood, Your People, Your Taphouse

Good Apple Taphouse is excited to announce we’ve expanded our seating space at our current location. Patrons can now enjoy even more seating option both indoors and outdoors on our patio.  

 Business Hours: 

Monday 4pm-9pm 

Tuesday 3pm-9pm 

Wednesday 3pm-10pm 

Thursday 3pm-10pm 

Friday 1pm-10pm 

Saturday 1pm-10pm 

Sunday 1pm-8pm 

Book Your Party at Good Apple Taphouse: Reserve our venue for your private event or party. Call or see our staff for scheduling and arrangements. 

Game Night Wednesdays 7-9:00pm. See our staff for details

 To-Go Options: 

 Good Apple fills disposable Crowler cans filled with our fresh on tap beers or ciders and will clean and fill your personal growler. 

 Feel free to order at our business or visit our online store located on the menu page of this website.  

Are you a fan of local businesses? So are we!

We are new to the Meridian business community located at the corner of Locust Grove and McMillan Roads. We were both born and raised in Boise and moved to Meridian over 25 years ago where we began our family and raised our two sons. This is why we feel deeply committed to our community. We look forward to interacting with the many people in the nearby neighborhoods and businesses around us, but we hope to draw people to our place from all over the valley. We will strive to create an inviting destination with beers that offer a tasty variety of flavors, as well as red and white wines and ciders, many of which were created at the awesome breweries in our local and regional area. 

 Good Apple Taphouse will also provide an assortment of other beverages including soft drinks, seltzers and canned cocktails. 

Rob and Carmen Bienapfl 

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Enjoy the atmosphere at the good apple

It’s easy to find a place to go get a beer or a glass of wine after work. However, at Good Apple Taphouse, we bring you a different experience. Our family-owned taphouse is more like a coffee shop; we have a quieter, more laid-back atmosphere than most bars. We want to bring people in from all over the community to get to know each other better over a pint of beer or a glass of wine. During Idaho’s many months of great outdoor weather we will have our patio open and can even light up the fire rock so you can enjoy that night sky a little longer. 

**Since we only have snack foods to offer and we don’t want you to go hungry please feel free to bring in your own food or order delivery from our place that you’d enjoy with your favorite craft beverage**

Supporting Other Local Businesses

Being a local bar is important to us. We believe in supporting other businesses around our region and always working with area breweries and wineries to bring you our selection of beer, wine, and cider. 

Quality Beer & Wine

We have spent a large amount of time searching for breweries and wineries around the area for us to bring in. After finding some gems out there, we promise to remain vigilant in looking for more excellent beers and wines for you to try. You can always find something new and interesting on our menu.

** We are a 21 years of age or older venue **
• Remember to check our announcements and events calendar often. They can be found on the Beer Menu page.
• See our "Beer Menu" page for our rotating tap list.
• Join us for many of the big televised sporting events
• Come relax with friends and meet your neighbors.